Viggsö by Arrhov Frick

A landscape of stone cliffs, wind bent pine trees, heather, and a forest floor of lichen and wild berries — this sparse yet rich site, coupled with a minimal budget, establishes the principles for this private residence at its origin.

The house is located on the island of Viggsö, in the Stockholm archipelago, and functions for a family of five. Both plan and section is ordered in three equal parts — Firstly, the entrance volume at the rear of the house containing the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen; above, a loft for children and guests. Secondly, an airy, double height living room providing unobstructed views in three directions. Lastly, an open terrace facing the water, covered by a semi-transparent roof, concludes the house. Together, all three parts equate to a total area of approximately 80 square meters.

The design process largely focused on the development of a simple and economic structure in wood. The materiality of the house had to be efficiently transported and assembled on the island, yet able to withstand relatively large spans. The foundation, a series of posts, minimises the houses touch on the ground condition, while elevating it to sit amongst the trees and vegetation. Simple planks connect the residence with the surrounding cliffs, following the aim to create an unassuming space within the landscape.

Arrhov Frick
Viggso, Värmdö, Sweden
40 + 20 + 20 m²
2013 – 2016
Mikael Olsson

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