Tamarit by Carles Enrich

Service piece that designed as a cabinet that guarantees basic household duties.The upper level of the service piece provides space for storing and sleeping.

Tamarit is a project of two dwelling with a natural and simple aesthetic, located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by the architectural and urban development studio Carles Enrich.

The commission involves the reuse and segregation of an old kindergarten located in the mezzanine floor of an early twentieth century Eixample building. A 45 m² apartment well oriented to the Sant Antoni market was proposed, and a second 60 m² apartment with a 40 m² terrace in the inner courtyard. As the future inhabitants of these two new dwellings at Tamarit street are unknown, the domestic program is left completely open. This uncertainty is precisely the objective of the project: to provide a free, multi-purpose space that can be used in alternative ways depending on the characteristics of the future inhabitants.

The first step is to empty and renovate the existing container space, which found in a precarious shape. Ceilings, party walls and the existing windows were recovered. A service piece was introduced, parallel to the main facades, built with a light pine structure and birch wood envelope. This piece is designed as a cabinet that guarantees basic household duties such as cooking, washing, storing and sleeping. The existing 3.6 m height provides a useful volume that is optimized with two levels. The kitchen is 2.50 m height, while bathroom and dressing area are 2.20 m height, allowing to use the remaining 1.35 m as a bedroom or a storage space.

The floor is solved with a reinforced concrete slab anchored to the lower slab. The lighting system allows changes in the distribution relocating light bulbs which are simply subjected with a hook to the ceiling beams.

Carles Enrich
Carrer de Tamarit, Barcelona, Spain
2013 – 2015
Carles Enrich

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