Jan Juc Studio by Eldridge Anderson

The Jan Juc Studio is a new house and studio, conceived as a large deck beneath a canopy of eucalypts, the project is described as being marked by its simplicity of form and clarity of intent.

A veil of operable, permeable timber screens sheltering the spaces while admitting sea breezes and dappled light that shifts according to the time of day and position of the screen, the building is alive to the elemental qualities of the site.

With a sense of living on a platform among the bush, the house is experienced as a single space that can be separated into zones as needed, with function interpreted according to the task at hand. Creating a building that is intrinsically flexible and supports many modes of occupation.

The central core provides privacy and utility while allowing movement to circulate freely around the edge. The screens are simultaneously surface and aperture, encouraging engagement between building and inhabitation, transparency and animation are introduced, allowing the richer finish of the timber main structure and lining to become evident and light to gently radiate forth at night.

Eldridge Anderson
Great Ocean Road, Torquay, Victoria, Australia
200 m²
Ben Hosking, Rory Gardner

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