Ingarö by Arrhov Frick

Ingarö is a minimal, timeless black wooden house on a slope located in Värmdö SV, Sweden, designed by Arrhov Frick.

From the beginning of the design process, the site conditions significantly informed the building's principles and formal expression. The plot itself is relatively steep and difficult to accommodate outdoor areas; therefore an integrated terrace was created to form a livable outdoor space. The open air terrace is the same form and area as the enclosed house — two equal parts meeting each other to create a central garden.

To emphasize the continuity between outdoor and indoor, the timber structure is visible throughout. Sitting perched on the slope — the rear of the house rests close to the ground while the living room and terrace project toward the water. To avoid blasting onsite, the house stands on a grid of wooden posts. Both the post and the wood paneled facade are treated with a carbon black pigment, giving a darker tint while retaining the wood's luster and character.

Arrhov Frick
Ingarö, Värmdö SV, Stockholm County, Sweden
160 m²
Mikael Olsson

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