Humlebaek House by Norm Architects

Humlebaek House is a minimal and timeless home of jewelry designer Marie von Lotzbeck, located in Humlebæk, Denmark, designed by the Copenhagen-based simplicity lovers at Norm.Architects.

The house is situated in the countryside with only fields as neighbors and overlooking the sea in the distance. It was an old house and everything had to be torn down, leaving only the roof and the brick walls.

A modern minimalistic home was created that still maintained the deep wearing of time and the rustic feel of a house in the countryside. The materials are thus a combination of the old brick walls, white plaster and concrete floors. The imperfect textures of the brick and the concrete provide the spaces with decoration and ornamentation while the white walls keep the interior crisp, fresh and clean.

The skylights above the entrance are placed in a height of 6 meters, giving the hall a dramatically vertical sense of space. The old brick wall rises all the way to the top of the building where a narrow window lets in the direct sunlight from south and gives live to a defined ray of light that travels around the hall as the sun moves. All the walls in the hall are used as storage space, only broken by a deep window that lets in light from the west and provides a place to sit, when you take on or off your shoes.

Marie von Lotzbeck
Humlebæk, Denmark
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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