Casp by Carles Enrich

Casp is a functional apartment with a natural and simple aesthetic, located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by the architectural and urban development studio Carles Enrich. The main requirements of the client were to improve the aspects of natural light and to renovate the old facilities of the early-twentieth century apartment. However, architects decided to renovate the entire apartment even with a very low budget. The project was focused on the central area, where a complete renovation is proposed to obtain an empty space. The partition walls and the suspended ceiling were removed in the central area and the original catalan vault and the brick walls were opened. Architects have also preserved the old concrete pavement, doors and windows. A furniture element made of fir plywood was placed to connect the kitchen and bathroom. In order to bring more of the daylight, a new opening that connects the main room with the kitchen was made, improving the lightning of the central space.

Carles Enrich
Eixample, Barcelona, Spain
Carles Enrich

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