Work Lamp by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm

Work Lamp, chrome plated.
Work Lamp, chrome plated.
Work Lamp, 24 K gold plated.
Work Lamp, copper plated.
Work Lamps.

Description / details

Work Lamp is a garage lamp with a timeless aesthetic, designed by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm. An everyday do-it-all object using as little material as possible, while still protecting its blue-collar core. Form Us With Love has given new life to the anonymous construction lamp — a functionally perfected product to be found everywhere.

Design House Stockholm
Form Us With Love
Iron cage
Chrome / Copper / Gold (24 K)
Ø 5.9 × H. 8.3 in
Ø 15 × H. 21 cm
Light source
E27 halogen globe

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