w152 Busby by Industrial Facility for Wästberg

w152 Busby lamps, b1 and i2, black.
w152 Busby lamps, b1 and i2, black.
w152 Busby b1 lamp, silver.
w152 Busby i2 lamp, black.
w152 Busby i1 lamp, silver.
Workspace with w152 Busby b1  lamp.
w152 Busby b2  lamp, silver.

Description / details

w152 Busby is a beautiful table lamp with simplicity, designed by Industrial Facility for Wästberg. Electronics in combination with light. Modern lighting has now become unrecognisable - no longer the subject of only electricity. Printed circuit boards, micro-chips and diodes are now staple ingredients, providing greater control, conserving energy and with longer lifespans. This transformation is a chance to establish new possibilities for the meeting point between light and electronics - that wherever light is supplied, power is often also required to charge our burgeoning devices. Industrial Facility's w152 is a lamp that also provides intelligent, universal power from three 3A USB outlets, detecting charging requirements and managing them at their fastest rate, however many devices are plugged in. It is able to charge the latest generation of laptop computers. The lamp is available as freestanding, wall-mountable or integrated. The w152 illuminates and powers the office, the workshop, the library, the living room and the bedside table.

Industrial Facility
Aluminium, polycarbonate diffuser
Black / Silver
b1 / b2 : W. 15.8 × D. 6.5 × H. 23 cm
i1 / i2 : W. 15.8 × D. 6.5 × H. 20 cm
Light source
6.2W LED

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