Tilt Cutting Board by Tobias Tøstesen for Menu

Tilt Cutting Board, medium.
Tilt Cutting Board.
Tilt Cutting Boards, top view.

Description / details

Tilt Cutting Board is wooden cutting board with a simple aesthetic, designed by Tobias Tøstesen for Menu. Embrace the joy of chopping and preparing food, and say goodbye to the thud of your chopping board slamming on to the counter while stored upright. A clever design detail means that Tilt leans steadily against the kitchen wall. The shape also gives us much pleasure — its simple and straight lines broken by the soft corners. Available in three different sizes, oak wood treated with oil.

Tobias Tøstesen
S : W. 18 × D. 2.5 × H. 37 cm
M : W. 20 × D. 2.5 × H. 41 cm
L : W. 22 × D. 2.5 × H. 45 cm

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