Svelto Coffee Table by ercol

Svelto Coffee Table.
Svelto Coffee Table.
Svelto Coffee Table.
Svelto tables.
Svelto tables, detail.

Description / details

Svelto Coffee Table is a minimal and timeless round wooden coffee table designed by ercol. This oak coffee table features a distinctive arrangement of dual circular surfaces — a large circular top and a smaller offset under-shelf. Each has a groove running round the circumference and delineating the edge of the table in a lovely design feature. The coffee table top has a diameter of 950mm whilst the bottom shelf has a diameter of 440mm. The table is finished in a dead matt (DM) finish to both protect the oak furniture and show off its natural beauty.

Oak / Walnut
Ø 17.3 × H. 3.7 in
Ø 44 × H. 9.5 cm

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