S02 Brewer Stand Set by KINTO

S02 Brewer Stand Set.
S02 Brewer Stand Set.
Holder, filter and server.
Filter and brewer detail.
S02 Brewer Stand Set.
S02 Brewer Stand Set.
Brewer stand detail.
Filter and server.
Brewer stand.
Wooden base detail.
Bottom side of brewer stand.

Description / details

A timeless brewer stand set made from honest materials, designed by KINTO. Perfect for those who want to indulge in a deeper, richer coffee time. It comes with a stand, filter, brewer, server, and holder. Brewer stand with a dignified look combines wood in deep colored walnut and brass that will age beautifully. To brew coffee, put medium ground coffee into the stainless steel filter and slowly pour hot water. The stainless steel filter is durable and can be used repeatedly. It also extracts more coffee oil, which is the source of the rich taste and aroma of coffee. The glass server lets you observe the coffee dripping and the dots on the server indicate the amount of dripped coffee. The holder can be used to place the brewer and filter after use.

Brewer, server, holder : Heat-resistant glass
Filter : Stainless steel with tin coating
Stand : Walnut with urethane coating, brass, stainless steel, silicone
W. 5.1 × D. 6.5 × H. 9.8 in
W. 13 × D. 16.5 × H. 25 cm

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