ROK Coffee Grinder by Patrick Hunt for ROK

ROK Coffee Grinder.
Bevel gears.
Agitator and conical burrs.
Calibrated wheel to adjust coffee grind.

Description / details

ROK Coffee Grinder is a manual coffee grinder with a simple beauty, designed by Patrick Hunt for ROK. A great companion to the ROK espresso maker, it's also the perfect partner for any coffee maker that uses freshly ground coffee. Whatever type you have, there's a setting that will be right for you. Just like the ROK espresso maker, the ROK coffee grinder provides you with more than just great results. It's the visceral experience and involvement in the process that gives as much satisfaction as the enjoyment of the coffee itself. With precision settings the ROK Coffee Grinder is perfect for all types of coffee from French to Turkish. The first revolution of the adjustment wheel has 12 numbers. You can set the wheel in between each number for infinite control. The more you turn the coarser the grind. Unlike so many manual grinders that are hard to control, each turn of the ROK grinder's handle is a pleasure; and so effortless thanks to the combination of the long handle, stable base and bevel gears with their self-lubricating properties. Crucial to making great grinds is size consistency of the coffee particles. The double bearing drive shaft ensures there's no wobble and that maintains stability throughout each 360 degree revolution of the burrs.

Patrick Hunt
Die cast aluminum
W. 6.81 × D. 8.27 × H. 11.02 in (W. 17.3 × D. 21 × H. 28 cm)

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