Place Rack by ferm LIVING

Ferm LIVING Place Rack: Versatile storage with a touch of display

Unify your storage and display needs with the timeless Place Rack by ferm LIVING. This versatile wall-mounted organizer transcends the confines of a single room, offering functionality throughout your entire home.

The Place Rack's simple design cleverly combines a shelf with a row of hooks. This allows you to showcase decorative items or keepsakes on the shelf while keeping essential belongings close at hand. Imagine it in the kitchen, displaying your favorite teacups while keeping dish towels within easy reach. In the hallway, the Place Rack transforms into a stylish hat and coat rack, or use it in the kid's room to create a whimsical display space for their treasures.

Easy to mount and undeniably elegant, the Place Rack by ferm LIVING is a design solution that seamlessly complements both form and function.

Shelf: Oiled oak veneer with MDF core; Hooks: Oiled solid oak
Small | 1104265692
W. 17.7 × D. 6.7 × H. 6.8 in
W. 45 × D. 17 × H. 17.3 cm
Medium | 1104265691
W. 29.5 × D. 6.7 × H. 6.8 in
W. 75 × D. 17 × H. 17.3 cm
Large | 1104265690
W. 41.3 × D. 6.7 × H. 6.8 in
W. 105 × D. 17 × H. 17.3 cm

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