Pick Up Tongs by Stig Ahlström for Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm Pick Up Tongs: A multitasking marvel

Swedish design house, Design House Stockholm, presents the Pick Up Tongs - a creation by the renowned Stig Ahlström. This deceptively simple utensil transcends the boundaries of a single function, offering a thoughtfully crafted solution for the modern kitchen.

Sustainable beauty meets award-winning design

The Pick Up Tongs are a visual treat, constructed from warm bamboo accented with a secure stainless steel joint. This sustainable material choice reflects Design House Stockholm's commitment to eco-conscious design. Ahlström, a designer with a distinguished background in interior design and architecture, brings his expertise to bear, imbuing the tongs with a clean, functional aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen style.

Beyond the ordinary tong

The Pick Up Tongs redefine kitchen utility. Available in three sizes, each caters to a specific task. The largest size tackles flipping food with ease, while effortlessly transitioning to serving duties for pastas, salads, or plated presentations. The medium size transforms into a pair of elegant chopsticks, perfect for a touch of Asian flair. Finally, the smallest size caters to delicate tasks, adeptly handling olives, antipasti, or even ice cubes.

A celebration of form and function

The Pick Up Tongs exemplify Scandinavian design principles. Simplicity of form meets exceptional functionality, resulting in a timeless piece that elevates the everyday kitchen experience. This is more than just a utensil; it's a testament to thoughtful design that enhances both aesthetics and culinary tasks.

Designed to last

Handcrafted from bamboo, the Pick Up Tongs require minimal care. Simple hand washing and occasional lubrication with oil ensure the bamboo retains its natural beauty for years to come.

A touch of Swedish brilliance for your kitchen

The Pick Up Tongs are a conversation starter, a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter, and a testament to Swedish design excellence. This versatile tool is a must-have for any design-conscious chef or home cook seeking to elevate their kitchen experience.

Design House Stockholm
Stig Ahlström
Bamboo with stainless steel joint
Small: H. 6 in (15.2 cm)
Medium: H. 10 in (25.4 cm)
Large: H. 13 in (33 cm)

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