Moser by Anu Moser for Louis Poulsen

Moser pendant lamp.
Moser pendant lamps.

Description / details

The Moser Pendant was designed by Swedish ceramic artist, Anu Moser, in . The designer drew inspiration for the various shapes in the light from observing how molten glass develops when you first start to blow it. The light was developed for energy-saving bulbs, and Anu Moser chose an enclosed drop shape to shield direct view of the light source 100%. The mounting mechanism is patented. The fixture emits diffuse light and the thickness of the glass results in very comfortable light distribution.

Louis Poulsen
Anu Moser
Handblown three-layer white opal glass, polished aluminium
Matte white opal
Ø 18.5 × H. 25.4 cm
Ø 20.6 × H. 28.4 cm
Ø 24.9 × H. 35.8 cm
Light source
Ø 18.5 / 20.6 : 15W medium base A19 LED
Ø 18.5 / 20.6 : 60W medium base A19 fluorescent
Ø 24.9 : 22W medium base A21 LED
Ø 24.9 : 60W medium base A19 fluorescent
Ø 24.9 : 32W GX24q-3 compact fluorescent

Seen in

Vedbæk House I
Vedbæk House I
by Norm.Architects

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