Marble Wall Clock by Norm.Architects for Menu

Menu Marble Wall Clock, black.
Menu Marble Wall Clocks, green and white.
Menu Marble Wall Clock with Gridy Fungi Shelf and Afteroom Chair.
Menu Marble Wall Clock and Afteroom Side Table.

Description / details

Norm Architects have designed a wall clock with clean lines stripped of all unnecessary details. The minimalistic Marble Wall Clock's reminiscent design allows you to read the hour and minutes of time in timeless fashion. Marble Wall Clock is presented in two options of finest marble: Green (Verte Guatamala) or Matt white (Carrara marble), both come with hour and minute hands in lacquered brass. The use of high-quality marble allows for a maximum appreciation of its mosaic and complex structure. Decorative, uncomplicated and made from natural honest materials, Marble Wall Clock is an elegant object that helps you keep up, while looking back.

Marquina-marble, brass, plastic clock
Black / Green / White
Ø 30 × D. 10 cm

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