Leaf Shelf 1×2 by Jonas Lutz for Form & Refine

Form & Refine Leaf Shelf: Where design meets functionality

The Form & Refine Leaf Shelf transcends the typical shelf, achieving a perfect harmony between aesthetics, stability, and surprising versatility.

Aesthetics redefined

This shelf is a testament to minimalist design. The star of the show? The legs. Sculpted with an organic, leaf-like form, they provide a stunning visual centerpiece. Clean lines and hidden fixings further elevate the shelf's visual appeal, ensuring it complements any modern living space.

Innovation in stability

Don't let the sleek design fool you. The Leaf Shelf boasts innovative construction for exceptional stability. Its ingenious design eliminates the need for visible screws or additional support elements, creating a clean and unified look.

Unleash your design vision

The Leaf Shelf's versatility is truly remarkable. This piece can seamlessly transform into a stylish sideboard, a free-standing storage unit, or even a room divider, depending on your needs. Its ability to shine from any angle makes it a perfect fit for any layout.

Own a piece of modern design

Elevate your space with the Form & Refine Leaf Shelf. This stunning combination of design and functionality is sure to become a focal point in your home.

Form & Refine
Jonas Lutz
Solid European oak
W. 39.4 × D. 11.8 × H. 22.4 in
W. 100 × D. 30 × H. 57 cm

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