Kaschkasch Floor Mirror by kaschkasch for Menu

Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, white, front view.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, white, side view.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, white, side view.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, white, side close-up.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, white, detail.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, white, top view.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror, moss green.
Kaschkasch Floor Mirror and Wire Bin.

Description / details

Kaschkasch Floor Mirror is a leaning floor mirror with simple beauty, designed by kaschkasch for Menu. With a strong graphic expression and many functional details, the Kaschkasch Floor Mirror is a clever solution for today's domestic urban environment with limited space. For starters, it's a full-body mirror and its triangle-shape is ideal for corners. Its smart design also allows it to lean against a wall or stand on its own in different directions. It then transforms into a wardrobe with multiple integrated solutions for hanging up clothes, from the sides or behind the mirror. The user will always define the functions of this original space-saver.

Powder coated aluminum, glass mirror
Black (8000539)
White (8000639)
Moss green (8000469)
W. 16.5 × D. 7.9 × H. 68.9 in
W. 42 × D. 20 × H. 175 cm

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