Jewellery Tree by Louise Christ Frederiksen for Menu

Jewellery Tree.
Jewellery Tree and Jewellery Flacon, Low.
Gridy Me Mirror, Jewellery Tree and Jewellery Flacon.

Description / details

Jewellery Tree is a jewelry organizer with simple beauty, designed by Louise Christ Frederiksen for Menu. Finger rings, bracelets, chains and ear-rings — all find their place on the jewelry tree which is just as beautiful and sculptural as it is fascinatingly simple. In daily use it is not only decorative, but provides you with a good overview of what you can choose among. The designer has used mirror-finished aluminum which both tolerates use and has the necessary weight to carry your jewelry without tipping over.

Louise Christ Frederiksen
Ø 5.3 × H. 10.2 in
Ø 13.5 × H. 26 cm

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