Japanese Tray Table by Kristina Dam Studio

Japanese Tray Table is a wooden coffee table designed by Kristina Dam Studio. Inspired by the Japanese design tradition and the incense boxes of the Edo era, Kristina Dam Studio has envisioned a Scandinavian take on the versatile tray tables. Three sizes, multiple functions, one clean look. The rectangular table turns into a luxurious bench or stylish love seat when topped with the fitted cushion in delicious cognac nubuck. All trays and tables are handcrafted in dark oiled oak.

Kristina Dam Studio
Oiled Oak
W.17.3 × D.17.3 × H.18.5 in
W. 44 × D. 44 × H. 47 cm
W.13.8 × D.37.4 × H.15.7 in
W. 35 × D. 95 × H. 40 cm
W.26.8 × D.26.8 × H.14.2 in
W. 68 × D. 68 × H. 36 cm

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