Hydrous Watering Stick by Menu

Hydrous Watering Stick is a timeless self watering stick designed by Menu. Making light work of plant care, the Hydrous Watering Stick is a clever device for ensuring houseplants are watered correctly. Ideal for short breaks away from home or simply to assist plant enthusiasts, the porous, earthenware rod slowly releases water directly to the roots of the plant. The stick is simply filled with water, inserted into the soil and left to work its magic. Available in two sizes for different levels of hydration.

Un-glazed earthenware
W. 1.4 × D. 1 × H.10.2 /14.2 in
W. 3.6 × D. 2.6 × H. 26 / 36 cm
(H26) 3720649 / (H36) 3721649

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