Hven Armchair by Anton Björsing for Skagerak

Hven Armchair, oak.
Hven Armchair, oak, front view.
Hven Armchair, oak.
Hven Armchair, oak, back view.
Hven Armchairs.
Hven Armchair, oak.
Hven Armchair, light blue.
Hven Armchair, dark gray.

Description / details

Hven Armchair is a minimal and timeless wooden armchair designed by Anton Björsing for Skagerak. An embracing and comfortable armchair designed to support happy moments around the dining table. Hven Armchair carries a light expression highlighted by few subtle details such as the overlapping poles, round corners and curved shape.

Anton Björsing
Oak (1420010)
Dark blue (1420015)
Light gray (1420014)
W. 20.9 × D. 20.7 × H. 34.1 × SH. 17.5 in
W. 53 × D. 52.5 × H. 86.6 × SH. 44.5 cm

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