Gridy Fungi Shelf by Gridy for Menu

Gridy Fungi Shelf, medium, oak.
Gridy Fungi Shelves, dark oak.
Gridy Fungi Shelf, dark oak.
Gridy Fungi Shelf, dark oak.

Description / details

Gridy Fungi Shelf is a wooden wall shelf with a natural and simple aesthetic, designed by Gridy for Menu. Inspired by one of natures more whimsical features; the shelf fungus that grows horizontally out of trees in the woods. Use Fungi Shelves besides the bed, as a decorative element in the living room, to display colorful spices in the kitchen or maybe as the extra shelf holding the back up light in the kids' room. Choose between 3 different sizes — and bring the outdoors in.

Natural / Black / Dark
W. 8.7 × D. 4.3 × H. 2 in
W. 22 × D. 11 × H. 5 cm
W. 11.8 × D. 5.9 × H. 2 in
W. 30 × D. 15 × H. 5 cm
W. 16.5 × D. 8.3 × H. 2 in
W. 42 × D. 21 × H. 5 cm

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