E27 Lamp by TAF for Muuto

E27 pendant lamp, dark grey.
E27 pendant lamp, black.
E27 pendant lamp, orange.
E27 pendant lamp, light green.
E27 pendant lamps.
Workspace with E27 pendant lamp.
E27 pendant lamp, yellow.
E27 pendant lamp, light grey.
E27 pendant lamps, orange.

Description / details

A striking naked bulb that plays with the subtle aesthetics and simplicity of industrial design. The lamp can be used as a single light source, in pairs, rows or even in clusters to create a modern Scandinavian chandelier. Available in 11 colour variations, E27 is adaptable to any setting, whether in the home, office or other public building.

Silicone rubber, plastic socket, PVC cord
Black / Blue / Dark grey / Green / Light green / Light grey / Orange / Red / Rose / White / Yellow
Ø 12.5 × H. 23 cm
Light source
18W E27 halogen

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