Corner Shelf by Kyuhyung Cho for Menu

Corner Shelf, L, nude.
Corner Shelf, L, nude.
Corner Shelf, L, nude, back.
Corner Shelves.

Description / details

Corner Shelf is a beautiful wall shelf with simplicity, designed by Stockholm designer Kyuhyung Cho for Menu. When we write on paper, says Kyuhyung, we start from the left, allowing us to structure our words. Now he has applied that principle to shelving: The corner is a natural starting point to organise our thoughts and also our objects. The larger corner forms a base shelf, with the medium and small elements creating dividers. Endlessly versatile, use Corners on a desk, fix to a wall or simply place in the corner of the room.

Kyuhyung Cho
Powder coated steel
Light grey (S) / Dark green (M) / Purple (M) / Black (L) / Nude (L)
S : W. 26.3 × D. 8.3 × H. 8.3 cm
M : W. 46.7 × D. 15.6 × H. 15.6 cm
L : W. 67 × D. 23 × H. 23 cm

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