Case Study V-Leg Bed by Modernica

Case Study V-Leg Bed.
Case Study V-Leg Bed, headboard.

Description / details

Case Study V-Leg Bed is a metal and wood bed frame with natural and simple beauty, designed by for Modernica. The Case Study Bed is engineered to provide a lifetime of outstanding durability, while maintaining a modern look for your home. A benchmark for superior craftsmanship, it adheres to the highest standards of workmanship and quality materials. Built by Modernica's master builders, this bed is the perfect definition of form follows function. The platform of the bed and the headboard are built with solid one-and-a-half-inch thick laminated hardwood. Each bed is engineered and built with six, rather than the standard four-legs. These additional legs add a remarkable overall-strength and sturdiness to the bed, which makes for a peaceful nights sleep. The mattress sits directly on the platform which is built with two zinc-plated perforated steel inserts. These perforated inserts allow the mattress to breathe naturally — thus eliminating the need for a standard conventional box spring.

Laminated hardwood, steel legs and inserts
Classic stain / Natural stain / Walnut stain / Walnut veneer
W. 38 × D. 75 × H. 30 in
W. 96.5 × D. 190.5 × H. 76.2 cm
W. 55 × D. 76.5 × H. 30 in
W. 139.7 × D. 194.3 × H. 76.2 cm
W. 60 × D. 80 × H. 30 in
W. 152.4 × D. 203.2 × H. 76.2 cm
Standard King
W. 76 × D. 80 × H. 30 in
W. 193 × D. 203.2 × H. 76.2 cm
Cali King
W. 72 × D. 84 × H. 30 in
W. 182.9 × D. 213.4 × H. 76.2 cm

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