Branca Stool by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi

Branca Stool, natural, back view.
Branca Stool, natural, close-up.
Branca Stool, natural, detail.
Branca Stool, black.
Branca Stool, black, close-up.
Branca Stool, green.
Branca Stool, green, detail.
Branca Stool, green, footrest detail.

Description / details

Branca Stool is a beautiful wooden bar stool with natural simplicity, designed by Industrial Facility for Mattiazzi. Branca is inspired by wooden branches that turn, twist, meet and branch off. The result is comfort to the eye, to the body and to the hand. To allow free movement at stool height, the seat is soft and open from 270°. The backrest is small and reassuring, providing a backstop and a place to hang a jacket. The metal curved footrest replicates the outline of the seat.

Industrial Facility
Ash or beech frame, metal foot ring
Brown + Natural seat / Black / Green / Natural / White
Foot ring : Black / White
Bar stool : W. 40 × D. 39 × H. 87 × SH. 75 cm
Counter stool : W. 40 × D. 39 × H. 77 × SH. 65 cm

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