Bowl by Hasami Porcelain

Bowl HP008.
Hasami Porcelain Bowl, detail.
Hasami Porcelain Bowl, underside.
Hasami Porcelain Bowls.

Description / details

Bowl is a porcelain bowl with a timeless aesthetic, designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto of Hasami Porcelain. Characterized by aesthetically clean and modern lines while deeply rooted in traditional Japanese pottery design. Available in 5 sizes. These bowls are easily stackable, easy to store and can be used for eating and serving. Plates in the same tableware line seamlessly become lids and trays when paired with the corresponding bowls. Using methods of porcelain manufacturing dating back over 400 years, Hasami Porcelain is made from a proprietary blend of clay and crushed stone from the historical village of Hasami in the Nagasaki prefecture of Japan.

Hasami Porcelain
Natural / Black / Gloss gray
HP007 / HPB007
Ø 3.3 × H. 2.2 in
Ø 8.5 × H. 5.5 cm
HP008 / HPB008
Ø 5.7 × H. 2.2 in
Ø 14.5 × H. 5.5 cm
HP009 / HPB009
Ø 7.3 × H. 2.2 in
Ø 18.5 × H. 5.5 cm
HP010 / HPB010
Ø 8.7 × H. 2.2 in
Ø 22 × H. 5.5 cm
HP011 / HPB011
Ø 10 × H. 2.2 in
Ø 25.5 × H. 5.5 cm
HP012 / HPB012
Ø 11.8 × H. 2.2 in
Ø 30 × H. 5.5 cm

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