Bottle Opener by Brendan Ravenhill Studio for Areaware

Bottle Opener, walnut.
Bottle Opener, walnut.
Bottle Openers.
Another magnet holds the opener to the fridge.

Description / details

Bottle Opener is a wooden magnetized bottle opener with natural simplicity, designed by Brendan Ravenhill Studio for Areaware. A single bent nail functions as a lever to pry open your beer or soda. A magnet catches the bottle cap, preventing it from falling on the floor. An additional magnet allows you to hang your bottle opener on the refrigerator when not in use.

Brendan Ravenhill Studio
Beech wood / Walnut
Jade / Salmon / Pollen / Tomato / Tridepool / Ultramarine / Natural beech / Red dip beech / Blue dip beech / Natural walnut / Black dip walnut / White dip walnut
11.5 × 2.5 × 2 cm
BRBOB (Natural beech) / BRBOBR (Red dip beech) / BRBOBBL (Blue dip beech) / BRBOBJA (Jade) / BRBOBPO (Pollen) / BRBOBSA (Salmon) / BRBOBTI (Tidepool) / BRBOBTO (Tomato) / BRBOBUL (Ultramarine) / BRBOW (Natural walnut) / BRBOWB (Black dip walnut) / BRBOWW (White dip walnut)

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