Bølling Tray Table by Hans Bølling for Brdr. Krüger

Bølling Tray Table.
Bølling Tray Table.
Bølling Tray Table.
Bølling Tray Table.
Bølling Tray Table.

Description / details

Bølling Tray Table is a minimal, timeless wooden tray table on casters, designed by Hans Bølling for Brdr. Krüger. A symbol of playful functionalism from the Danish Modern era and a design idea that is still relevant today — a true Danish classic. The versatile Bølling Tray Table can be used in different ways — for example as a serving trolley, side table or coffee table. It rests on a wooden H-frame that is easily folded flat without the use of tools. The two reversible trays, can be turned around for color variation and there is a wide range of woods and color combinations to choose from, to enable that extra personal touch. Made in Denmark.

Brdr. Krüger
Hans Bølling
Solid wood frame and tray edges; Laminate tray tops; Casters
Ø 19.7 × H. 21.7 in
Ø 50 × H. 55 cm
Ø 23.6 × H. 20.5 in
Ø 60 × H. 52 cm

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