Tsai Residence

by Tai & Architectural Design

Tsai Residence is an apartment with a simple beauty, located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Taiwanese studio Tai & Architectural Design.

The apartment is being rented by a couple working in the centre of Taipei, who asked Tai & Architectural Design to create an 'as minimal as possible' interior that can be reverted to its original state once their lease is up. This property can be only rented for five years from the government.

All the surfaces are painted white to keep the space bright and clean, including the ductwork and electric cables exposed across the ceiling. The architects chose the white color to blur the profile of the space and make the interior as minimal as possible to celebrate the purity of the space.

The front door opens into the living and dining room, which includes a large projector screen on the wall facing the grey sofa. A door in the large window at the end of the space leads onto a small balcony surrounded by glass balustrades, so the view across the city remains unobstructed from the living area. White cupboards run under the screen and match the simple dining table, situated beside the separate kitchen. The corridor from the main space leads to the private rooms, with the master bedroom and en-suite bathroom located at the end. The study and storage space are situated on one side of the corridor, while another bedroom and bathroom are positioned on the other.

Simple freestanding shelving units sit against the walls in the dining area and study, slotting under the ceiling beams. The interior is kept flexible and storage made movable so it can be reused when the contract expired. White pendant lights in various shapes hang above the dining table, study desk and bedside tables. Pastel tones used on tables, bedding and cushions provide hints of colors, and wooden dining chairs bring a touch of warmth to the otherwise stark interior.

Tai & Architectural Design
Taipei, Taiwan
Kyle Yu