Thong House is a dwelling with a natural and simple beauty, located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh, designed by NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS.

The perceived quality of life in buildings should come from the geometry and how that geometry connects to human beings. It was the initial thought architects had when being offered to design a row house in Phú Mỹ Hưng, a new urban development area in the Southern Saigon. This project could be considered as another attempt to find a contemporary living manner in row house typology. The brief was to get rid of the way of living we used to have in common town house, where the staircase in the center along with the corridor to access space covered by four walls and isolate people inside his own world. The client is a nuclear family, consisted of the parents and two kids with the explicit wish to have a home fulfilled with natural elements while being able to improve the spiritual connection between each member in the house.

Therefore, in a general view, the house looks like a composition of cubes as the private rooms while the spaces created under the shifting volume will become the public areas for the family. The bold section plan which collateralized circulation, privacy, and activities-control then decides the function in each voids and volumes. Continuously, a circulation as a silk ribbon is consequently created to connect all spaces together and tighten the relationship of spaces. From the main entrance, a narrow covered passageway introduces people to 5-meter-height living room with the rotating door system at the end of the house. This system would be opened to the backyard garden and instantly fulfilled by wind provided trough the tunnel. The living room and the dining area both expands up vertically, through a double height, which helps to organize the public spaces inside the house with the outdoor impression. Along the straight flight steel staircase, some floating private volumes such as library, guest room, and children room could gradually be seen. The master bedroom with the private common room in the fourth floor, are connected by a stone pavement that overcomes the garden which has been landscaped with indigenous plant and the top light above. The other utilities are arranged to be in the top floor. The rooftop garden provide outdoor space for the family to enjoy the night life in this new urban area. From the beginning till the end, the staircase — as the spine of the house – let us involve in a non-stop adventure to discover different places throughout the house.

District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Hiroyuki Oki

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