Shepherdess Walk are apartments with a natural and simple aesthetic, located at the corner of Shepherdess Walk and Wenlock Street, designed by the Swiss architects Jaccaud Zein Architects.

In collaboration with developer Solidspace, a split-level section was developed. This configuration allows for the juxtaposition of rooms with different uses around double-height connected spaces, offering a sense of spatial generosity and continuity.

The split-level arrangement introduces a strong potential for flexibility within the apartments, allowing for possible subdivisions within each unit with multiple access to the stairwell. This flexibility allows for a possible fragmentation of scale and an evolution of use through time to meet the demands of multiple occupancy, of children growing up, of partial rental of the unit, of working from home or just varying use of the different rooms.

An interior palette of simple, raw materials, including light colored plaster, brass metalwork and warm solid oak flooring, helps create a calming environment inside.

Jaccaud Zein Architects
Shepherdess Walk, London, United Kingdom