Okinawa House by John Pawson

Okinawa House is a family home with natural and simple beauty, designed by Taishi Kanemura of John Pawson. The site is a 414 m² cliff-top plot on the island of Okinawa, where the clients wish to spend their summer and winter holidays. As they live in a box-shaped house in Tokyo, the brief was for somewhere with a sense of vertical and horizontal expansiveness and the fluidity of the catenary curve came up as a visual reference. The design traces the diagonal footprint of the plot, combining single and double-height spaces within a form that is closed and tapered to the rear, but to the front flares and opens like an eye over the headland, with the ground floor level raised to optimize sightlines to the ocean.

Taishi Kanemura of John Pawson
Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
414 m²
Nacasa & Partners

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