Mini Apartment is a dwelling with a simple beauty, located in the trendy district Kreuzberg in the heart of Berlin, Germany, designed by Jan Rösler Architekten.

Situated at the first floor of a Wilhelminian housing complex from the end of the 19th century. The original space of the old apartment was divided in two in order to fit two smaller dwellings.

The typical charm of the old building was kept while modern elements have been added to divide and organize the space in a smaller scale. In this context, the original elements that have been preserved play subtly as the counterpart of the new ones. The elegance and the simplicity of the new intervention blend with the raw existing structure and its history.

Within a total floor area of 28 square meters the apartment contains a kitchen unit, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a dressing room. A space-containing wall unit separates the individual areas of the apartment in a clever way — while offering a capacious storage space. Thus the mini-apartment creates a compact and efficient living space, embodying Berlin's urbanity.

Jan Rösler Architekten
Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

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