Isely by Sides Core

Isely is a flower shop with a natural and simple beauty, located in Nishi Ward, Osaka Prefecture, designed by the local design firm Sides Core.

A flower that changes day by day — no matter how long you stare, you want to know more. Sides Core created a space like that flower — it leaves you with a different impression each time you see it.

During busy times and during events, make use of the open space as a showroom for taking bulk orders. A full kitchen adds versatility and makes the space useful for more than just business. It's the perfect place for people to get together, easily becoming a sophisticated gathering space, cafe or even a classroom to teach flower arranging.

Viewed from the outside, flower displays pleasantly draw the gaze in while making the gathering space the perfect place to relax. The display tables are freestanding and can be moved to easily change the layout of the space.

Natural wood grain and brass improve with age and let the natural beauty of fresh flowers take centre stage. The pale grey of the ceilings and floors brings out the subtle and unique color of every flower.

This open and flexible space will bring out the best in the client's work and each flower as they both evolve, day by day.

Sides Core
Kyomachibori, Nishi Ward, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Masuda Yoshiro

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