Copenhagen Townhouse I is an apartment-to-townhouse conversion project with a natural and simple beauty, located in central Copenhagen, designed by the local simplicity lovers at Norm.Architects.

In the heart of Copenhagen close to the lakes that divides the centre from the boroughs you find a very special quarter with old workers houses. There are built together in a uniform style and used to be three apartments in one house. This neighborhood is very quiet and secluded despite being in the middle of the city.

For this conversion the architects only took down part of the original interior and kept both the floors and some of the brick walls that trying to maintain the perfect balance between something new and sleek and something historical and charming.

As the floor plan is rather difficult to solve, this having been three independent apartments, everything had to be rearranged as the architects tried to open each floor as much as possible out to the central staircase to get a vertical integration of the three floors.

On the top floor, the last floor was removed to get a dramatic and high ceiling space there. A lot of skylights were also inserted to enhance the feeling of a bright and spacious space. The master bedroom was built as a box and an internal skylight was installed to get light into the room.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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