Concrete Ceiling Apartment by Crosby Studios

Concrete Ceiling Apartment is a 590-square-foot Soviet-era apartment with natural and simple beauty, located in Moscow, designed by Crosby Studios for a young couple.

In the early stages of the project, Crosby Studios decided on a light modern style, reminiscent of apartments and workshops of the Soviet intelligentsia. Some walls are white to contrast the other rough, unplastered walls. They decided to keep some of the walls and partitions 'nude'. The resulting apartment, which took only four months to renovate, features a series of prominent textures throughout: rough plaster, brick, oak herringbone floors, rust-washed concrete, and tile. In terms of sight and touch, Crosby Studios' unique take on brutalist interior design makes for a dynamic experience.

Crosby Studios
Moscow, Russia
Gleb Leonov

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