Apartment in Bryanston Square by DRDH Architects

Kitchen and dining area.Kitchen and dining area.View from kitchen towards the square.Details.View from kitchen through to bedroom.View through sequence of doors.Vestibule doorsLiving room.Fa├žade.

Apartment in Bryanston Square is a dwelling with a natural and simple beauty, located in Marylebone, designed by DRDH Architects.

The completed project is for a piano nobile apartment within a Georgian house in Bryanston Square for the couturier Anna Valentine. The apartment restores aspects of the original house, notably the principal room to the square, whilst opening up the plan to light and the spatial interconnectedness of contemporary life. The atmosphere of the resultant spaces draws inspiration from the compelling, sparsely furnished interior paintings of Danish Artist Wilhelm Hammershoi (1864 – 1916), echoing their quiet introspection in sequence, arrangement and tonal palette.

As in Hammershoi's paintings of his home, at Strandgade 30 in Copenhagen, doors of varying scales not only mediate the relationships between new and existing elements but establish themselves as figures that occupy space and define its character. Bespoke furniture pieces form the kitchen within the main living space and a tall cabinet forms a freestanding enclosure to the master bedroom.

DRDH Architects
Bryanston Square, Marylebone, London, United Kingdom
Date of completion
David Grandorge

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