Wishbone Drawer Desk by A. Jacob Marks for Skram Furniture

Wishbone Drawer Desk W26, santos rosewood with signal black metalwork.
Wishbone Drawer Desk, santos rosewood with signal black metalwork, detail.

Description + Details

Skram'sWishbone series desks use hand bookmatched hardwood veneers, solid timber, and steel. Wishbone series products are characterised by bold, cantilevered forms and approachable refinement.

Skram Furniture
A. Jacob Marks
Wood, metal
Ebonised olive ash / Figured European beech / Figured red gum / Figured walnut / Olive ash / Santos rosewood / Whitewashed olive ash
W25 : W. 121.9 × D. 61 × H. 73.7 cm
W26 : W. 152.4 × D. 76.2 × H. 73.7 cm
W27 : W. 182.9 × D. 91.4 × H. 73.7 cm

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