Wave Firepit is a wood burning fire pit with a natural and simple beauty, designed by plodes studio. Rooted in minimalism and mathematics. Comprised of just two pieces of plate steel and only essential welds, the outer shell is cut to reveal an elegant continuous sine wave along its bottom edge. This sine wave forms a visually soft but stable tripod base and promotes a unique geometric view from every angle. Wave Fire Pit is available in both 30' and 40' overall diameters, and is offered in A36 carbon steel and premium A588 Core-Ten steel.

A36 Carbon or A588 Cor-Ten steel
Rust patina finish
Ø 30.5 × H. 14 in
Ø 77.5 × H. 35.6 cm
Ø 40.5 × H. 14 in
Ø 102.9 × H. 35.6 cm