Towel Bar by Norm.Architects for Menu

Towel Bar, black.
Towel Bar, white.
Towel Bar, white.

Description + Details

Towel Bar is a metal towel rail with simple beauty, designed by Norm.Architects for Menu. Light, uniform lines and rounded bases create a bathroom series characterized by understated elegance. This is all that is needed to create a pleasingly clean focal point in your bathroom. With functional details all around, the Bath series from Menu is both hygienic and user-friendly. The Towel Bar is designed in a simple and recognizable style; rounded and soft in expression, while still being visually strong, iconic and masculine. The illusion of the floating band of the wall provides a strong graphic expression, without being too dominating, and the matte surface also provides a sensual tactility to the product.

Powder coated aluminum and plated zink alloy
Black (7700569)
White (7700669)
W. 23.6 × D. 2.8 × H. 1.4 in
W. 60 × D. 7 × H. 3.5 cm

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