Step Mini step stool, oak.
Step Mini step stool, oak.
Step Mini step stool, black.
Step Mini step stool, white.
Step Mini step stool, red.

Description + Details

Step Mini Step Stool is a foldable wooden step stool with natural and simple beauty, designed by Karl Malmvall Design AB for Design House Stockholm. A step stool that also can be used as a folding chair. It's beautiful enough to be placed on the wall as a piece of decoration when not in use. Like its larger cousin 'Step' step ladder, the Step Mini step stool is supplied with a specially designed hook for wall-mounting, allowing it to always be within reach.

Design House Stockholm
Karl Malmvall Design AB
Lacquered beech or oak
Oak (2123-8400)
Black (2123-1000)
Red (2123-4000)
White (2123-0100)
W. 18.7 × D. 1.8 × H. 37.8 in
W. 47.5 × D. 4.5 × H. 96 cm
W. 18.7 × D. 24 × H. 31.9 × 17.7 in
W. 47.5 × D. 61 × H. 81 × 45 cm