Sko Shoe Rack, white, front view.
Sko Shoe Rack, white, back view.
Sko Shoe Rack, white, side view.
Sko Shoe Rack, white.
Sko Shoe Rack, white, detail.
Sko Shoe Rack, white, detail.
Sko Shoe Rack, black.

Description + Details

Sko Shoe Rack is a beautiful shoe rack with simplicity, designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. With both an industrial and simple feel and is made with robust, Scandinavian materials. Sko has been designed without any unnecessary components. It consists of a wooden frame with two perforated steel shelves held together by accentuated screws. Available in ash, with shelves in a pure white or intense dark grey and is perfect for places where extra storage space is needed for shoes and boots, such as the hallway and bedroom etc.

Normann Copenhagen
Simon Legald
Frame : Ash wood
Shelves : Perforated steel
Grey / White
W. 76 × D. 34 × H. 42 cm