Sempé w103b is a table lamp with a simple beauty, designed by Inga Sempé for Wästberg. The shade is manufactured from aluminum and mounted on a steel arm. The base is made of cast iron. The light technology is based on an energy-efficient, high quality, LED solution which gives a warm white light. The shade acts both as glare-protection and as a reflector. The light is projected into the shade giving a smoothly and pleasant indirect light. The fixture can be mounted in three different positions / angles on the base. The shade can be adjusted 166° (+ / - 83 degrees) around its horizontal axis.

Aluminum, steel, cast iron
Beige red (103B13012)
Black (103B19005)
Ø 11 × H. 19.7 in
Ø 28 × H. 50 cm
Light source

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