PK61 by Poul Kjærholm for Republic of Fritz Hansen

PK61A coffee table, granite.
PK22 lounge chair and PK61 coffee table.
PK61A coffee table, PK22 lounge chairs and PK80 daybed.
PK61 coffee table and PK22 lounge chair.
Tiltable table lamp and PK61 coffee table.
Alphabet sofa, Swan lounge chair and PK61 coffee table.

Description + Details

The coffee table PK61 is almost as elementary and minimalistic as it gets from the hand of Poul Kjærholm. Despite the extreme distillation of the structure into a set of identical elements, the square and aesthetic design has the power of a manifesto and shows Kjærholm’s development from industrial designer to furniture architect. The four base elements are joined with machine screws that lend the table part of its unique look. The removable tabletop demonstrates Kjærholm’s recurring principle of using gravity to keep the elements in place. PK61A™, an enlarged version of PK61, came into production in .

Republic of Fritz Hansen
Poul Kjærholm
Top : Slate / Marble / Granite / Glass
Base : Stainless steel
PK61 : W. 80 × D. 80 × H. 32 cm
PK61A : W. 120 × D. 120 × H. 32 cm

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