Pitcher by Ian McIntyre for Another Country

Pitcher, natural white.
Pitcher, natural white, top view.
Pitcher, black.
Pitcher, terracotta.

Description / details

Pitcher is a handmade pottery with a simple aesthetic, designed by Ian McIntyre for Another Country. Inspired by the Series One furniture collection, this set of handmade tabletop pottery employs different clay bodies with different properties for each vessel and use. The Pitcher is made of either white or black stoneware or terracotta which has been fired to an unconventionally high temperature that vitrifies the body of the clay, giving it the strength of stoneware and achieving the scorched color.

Another Country
Ian McIntyre
Stoneware / Terracotta
Black / Natural white / Terracotta
Ø 11.6 × H. 16.8 cm

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