Pilot Stool by Fritz Pernkopf and Patrick Rampelotto for Quinze & Milan

Pilot Stool, white.
Pilot Stools.
Pilot Stools.
Pilot Stool, detail.
Pilot Stool, detail.

Description / details

Pilot Stool is a plastic and wood stool with a natural and simple beauty, designed by Patrick Rampelotto and Fritz Pernkopf for Quinze & Milan. Glossy meets matte, light meets durable. Pilot is smart and beautifully detailed. The design of the stool is based on traditional archetypes, their basic simplicity in form and function. The organically shaped seat is supported by tapered legs made of oiled European oak. The seat itself is generously proportioned for comfort, its material tactile and contemporary. The ends of the legs are threaded and screwed into the seat, a connection that is both simple and sophisticated given the two very different materials of the joint.

Quinze & Milan
Patrick Rampelotto, Fritz Pernkopf
3DPolypropylene, European oak
Black / White / Red
W. 17.5 × D. 12.8 × H. 18.5 in
W. 44.5 × D. 32.5 × H. 47 cm

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