Palette Desk JH9 is a contemporary desk with a natural and simple beauty, designed by Hayon Studio for &Tradition. An elongated bean shape and a small round shape are the two different elements appearing in various colors and materials which converge together to create a brilliant balancing act, secured by a metal armature. The Palette Desk is almost like a multi-tiered sculpture that doubles as a desk.

Powder coated steel, marble or brass, stained ash veneer
Polished black Nero Marqina marble + Black stained ash veneer;
Honed white Bianco Carrara marble + Red stained ash veneer;
Satin polished brass + Grey-green stained ash veneer
W. 57.5 × D. 24.4 × H. 32.7 in
W. 146 × D. 62 × H. 83 cm

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