Milk Classic by Søren Rose Studio for Holmris Office

MILK Classic with aluminium stand and base.
4 compartments.
MILK Classic in white.
Aluminium lids & toolbox.
Fishbowl accessory.
MILK Classic.
In2media office space in Copenhagen.
In2media office space in Copenhagen.

Description + Details

MILK Classic was born from a need. It was impossible to find a desk that could accommodate a crisp Apple®. The MILK desk was designed to give the user a customisable workspace, in a smart and stylish way; a workspace to feed the mind and body.

Holmris Office
Søren Rose Studio
Medium-density fibreboard
White / White + Aluminium
W. 140 × D. 82 × H. 71 / 73 - 123 (height adjustable) cm

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